Considering Art Podcast – Alexander James Hamilton, photographer and environmental activist

Alexander Hamilton talks about how his art interconnects with his passion for protecting the environment, how his activism began as a teenager, how water is a constant theme in his art, the importance of Vanitas to him, how he is a geek for the latest scientific research and how he has founded a facility in the Maldives for recycling plastic waste funded by his artworks.

Alexander James Hamilton talking with Bob Chaundy

Witness referencing Jean Everett Millais, part of the Beautiful Announcement of Death series

Ptolemy from the Siberian Oil and Water series

From the ongoing series Vanitas

Alexander James Hamilton outside Maker’s Place, the recycling facility he built in the Maldives

Detail from Ugolino and his Sons with reference to Rodin

All images are ©Distil Ennui studio

You can see more of Alexander’s work on his website

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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