Considering Art Podcast – Alice Browne, painter

In this episode, British artist Alice Browne talks about how art has always been her “happy place”, how it reflects a reality that is in constant flux, how thoughts, memories and individual identities all have a certain mystery that attracts her and informs her paintings, how we share a curious relationship to the natural world, the influence of Danté’s Divine Comedy on her work and how she’s drawn to chaos.

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Considering Art Podcast – Liza Giles, abstract painter

In this episode, Liza Giles talks about her previous career as an art director and interior designer, how she always painted concurrently, how her use of colour transferred to her fine art practice, how the artist Sean Scully helped raise her profile, the influence of the urban skyline and architecture on her work, how she experiments with collage in preparation of her large-scale paintings and how she balances hard lines and edges with intuitive painterly mark making.

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Considering Art Podcast – Steph Goodger, expressionist painter

In this episode, Steph Goodger talks about how childhood memories near the River Medway came to take on a symbolic significance, how social history, architecture and literature influence her works with particular reference to World War I, the Paris Commune and the sinking of the Lusitania. Steph talks about the tension between containment and release in both her subjects and her process and how researching historical archives is often the starting point for a project.

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Considering Art Podcast – Frances Bell, portrait and landscape painter

In this episode, this multi-award-winning artist talks about her classical training at the Charles H. Cecil School in Florence, how she creates atmosphere in her portraits, the importance of draftsmanship, how painting children requires different skills, the challenge of painting self-portraits and the joy of painting water.

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Considering Art Podcast – Leah Gordon, photographer and filmmaker

In this episode, Leah talks about her background in photography, her interest in the interconnectivity of folk traditions, the Enclosure Acts, the Industrial Revolution and the transatlantic slave trade. She recalls her time in a folk punk band, and discusses her passion for Haiti, a country she says has been unfairly demonised. In particular, she talks about decades photographing in the country and how and why she came to make her award-nominated documentary Kanaval: A People’s History of Haiti in Six Chapters, in which the performers tell their version of their history and the difficulties and responsibilities this entailed for her.

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Considering Art Podcast – Ross Gillespie and Tricia Malley aka broad daylight, photographers

In this latest episode, the two Scottish photographers discuss their creative partnership, and some of their photographic projects including As Others See Us in which celebrities such as actor Brian Cox, Alan Cumming, Peter Howson and Nicola Benedetti are photographed after selecting their favourite Robert Burns poems, and Building Sights in which celebrities such as painter Alison Watt and Travis bassist Dougie Payne are photographed in their favourite Scottish locations. The pair discuss the thoughts behind the treatment and settings.

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Considering Art Podcast – Beth Carter, sculptor

In the latest of my series of audio interviews with contemporary artists, sculptor Beth Carter talks about the symbolic significance of her bronze sculptures of animals and hybrid animals, how the minotaur became an obsessive subject of her work as she explores ideas of power, vulnerability, and grief, how the theme of duality in her sculptures references part of the human condition, and how one particular charcoal drawing became a way to help process a dark incident in her past.

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