Considering Art Podcast – Thomas Allen, painter

In this podcast, Thomas Allen describes his current woodland life, how sociological theories inform his work, his opinion that human beings need to be “de-centred” from the natural world, how Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious inspired his so-called contemporary cave paintings, and the new work being prepared for his Mall Galleries exhibition next year.

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Considering Art Podcast – Nicola Hicks, sculptor

In this podcast, eminent UK sculptor and drawer Nicola Hicks talks about the privilege of having both parents as artists, her difficulties fitting in at school, the problems of early success, her raw sculpting style, the darkness of her subject matter, and how working on her latest exhibition, Dump Circus, helped her through the anxiety she felt during lockdown.

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Considering Art Podcast – Felicity Marshall, painter and illustrator

In this latest podcast, Australian painter and illustrator Felicity Marshall talks about how disaster struck her in the 1980s, how she is inspired by the nature in the Victorian coastal area in which she lives, how she trained in classical ballet in addition to studying Fine Art, how 17 years working in the film industry influenced her artistic style, and how she began illustrating and, subsequently, writing children’s books.

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Considering Art Podcast – Philipp Humm, business mogul turned artist

Sculptor, painter and photographer Philipp Humm tells how he became a business man having failed to get into art school, how he kept up his art during a glittering career in the high tech industry until the urge to become a full-time artist overcame him, and how he has updated and condensed Goethe’s Faust to address modern issues, in particular the concern that our seemingly insatiable desire for technological innovation, most notably in Artificial Intelligence (AI), threatens the very survival of the human race.

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Considering Art Podcast – Walking The Line with Megan Piper and Sophie Dutton

This summer, works by four notable artists have been added to The Line, London’s first public art walk founded six years ago by Megan Piper and Clive Dutton. Sculptures by Virginia Overton, Eva Rothschild, Tracey Emin and Madge Gill have been added to the northern section alongside the River Lea. The last is a little-known but important local artist with a classic story of triumph over adversity. Her work has been curated for this outdoor exhibition by Sophie Dutton, Clive’s daughter. In this podcast, Sophie and Megan (l to r above, by the bridge with Madge Gill design) guide me along this last mile-long section where we take in nature and history as well as art. 

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Considering Art Podcast – Raksha Patel, painter and filmmaker

In this latest podcast, Raksha Patel talks about her upbringing in Leicester, how her art turned full circle from focusing on race and identity through surrealism, fantasy and dystopia and back again. Raksha also talks about her art education career, and the need for British artists of South Asian heritage to gain more recognition and representation.

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Considering Art Podcast – Piers Secunda, painter/sculptor

In our latest podcast, British artist Piers Secunda explains why he developed a technique to paint in a way that dispenses with the canvas, how 9/11 changed his life, how he documents the systematic destruction of cultural artefacts, statues and buildings through his paintings, and his dramatic and emotional experiences on trips to China, Afghanistan and Iraq to collect moulds of art desecration.

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