Considering Art Podcast – Emma Coop, landscape artist

In my latest podcast episode, Emma Coop tells how flux in her personal life turned her from a conceptual artist into one focusing on landscape. She explains why she favours using chunky graphite sticks as her main medium, how she has an affinity with nature despite being a city dweller, and how she tries to recapture the emotion of an idea in her works while relishing ambiguity.

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Considering Art Podcast – Hatty Buchanan, sculptor

In my latest podcast episode, London-born artist Hatty Buchanan tells how some of her conceptual sculptures are drawn from her experiences as a teenager in Soho where she came across all manner of exotic people active in the sub-culture of the club, music and fashion scene. She also talks about her work in theatre production management, the influence of her MA in Design Imagination on her subsequent work, and how she distills concepts such as the dynamics of power relationships and even self-portraits into her pieces.

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Considering Art Podcast – Sarah Hardie, performance artist and filmmaker

In my latest podcast episode, Scots-Italian artist Sarah Hardie talks about how singing filled the family home, how she toyed with the idea of being a portrait painter, how she literally found her voice in her work, how psychoanalytical theories influence her, and about her current prize-winning work Spring Sometimes Rises in Me.

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Considering Art Podcast – My Dog Sighs, street artist

In my latest podcast, Paul Stone, aka My Dog Sighs, tells the extraordinary story of how a chance encounter with a stencilled rat unlocked a creative urge to make street art, how giving away art made from found items mushroomed into a worldwide phenomenon he named Free Art Friday, how this bolstered his reputation leading to exhibitions and commissions, and about his latest immersive installation in a four-storey derelict building in his hometown of Portsmouth.

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Considering Art Podcast – Pinkie Maclure, stained glass artist

In my latest podcast episode, Scottish artist Pinkie Maclure talks about how she got into stained glass accidentally, how her ambition to go to art school was thwarted, her career as a singer and performer, how heroin ruined the lives of many friends, and how the allegorical power and symbolism of medieval stained glass windows inspired her to communicate her ideas on contemporary issues through that medium.

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Considering Art Podcast – Tatiana de Stempel

British interdisciplinary artist Tatiana de Stempel talks about her work as an art director in film and in theatre design, her experience of residencies in China and India, her love of narrative in her painting, her role as director of Light More Light organising art events in London, her work with the late Indian arts journalist Manoj Nair and her curation of a large group show celebrating his life and work.

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Considering Art Podcast – Luke Jerram, installation artist

In our latest podcast episode, Luke Jerram talks about the ideas behind some of his spectacular and highly popular installations, sculptures and live events that have been shown around the world. These include Park and Slide, originally installed as a playful work in his native Bristol, Play Me I’m Yours in which his team installed some 2,000 street pianos for people to play in public spaces and which grew out of another work called Sky Orchestra. His Glass Microbiology series, giant glass versions of viruses, has been recently augmented by Covid-19, and his most popular installation, a replica of the moon entitled Museum of the Moon, has been viewed by millions the world over.

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