Considering Art Podcast – Mandy Payne, painter of Brutalist architecture

In this episode, British artist Mandy Payne talks about how she gave up dentistry for art, how she is attracted to Brutalist architecture in particular the Grade II listed Park Hill estate in Sheffield, why she paints on concrete and what advice she’d give to others thinking of changing career to become an artist.

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Considering Art Podcast – Deborah Kruger, textile artist

In this episode, American artist Deborah Kruger talks about her textile creations consisting of “feathers” made from recycled plastic in her studio in Mexico, how she learnt to use textiles growing up, how she is highlighting the extinction of bird species as well as the death of many of the world’s languages as she seeks to make work which is both decorative and thought-provoking.

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Ai Weiwei – The Liberty of Doubt

Back in 2020, the internationally acclaimed Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei bought a number of Chinese antiquities at an auction in Cambridge, a city in which he retains a base having lived here for a few years, and where his son still goes to school. Some of the pieces are more than a thousand years old, dating from the Northern Wei and Tang dynasties. In his new solo show at Cambridge’s Kettle’s Yard, he is showing them alongside his own new and existing work.

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Considering Art Podcast – Suchitra Mattai, multi-disciplinary artist

In this episode, Indo-Caribbean artist Suchitra Mattai talks about how her family history of indentured labour informs her art, how textiles are her main focus including saris that hold a symbolic significance, how her work gives a voice to those who have traditionally been silenced including labourers, migrants and those with mental illness, and how her personal experiences are reflected throughout.

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Considering Art Podcast – Marcus Jansen, American expressionist painter

In this episode, Marcus Jansen talks about his unusual upbringing in both New York and Mönchengladbach, the influence of street artists and German Expressionists on his work, how he joined the US Army in 1989 and took part in the first Gulf War, how art saved him when he developed PTSD and how the war changed his both his political viewpoint as well as his art.

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Considering Art Podcast – Robert Fitzmaurice, British painter

In this podcast, Robert Fitzmaurice talks about the art that excited him even as a young boy, how his father’s POW experience in World War II sowed the seed for his interest in family dynamics, how his practice was influenced by the Constructivist painter Adrian Heath, how themes of masculinity and militarism developed, and how lattices, grids and repeated motifs with expressive use of colour became his signature style and is informed by art from various cultures..

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