Considering Art Podcast – Annie Nicholson aka The Fandangoe Kid, multi-media artist

In this episode, Annie talks about how a family tragedy changed her life and her practice to create platforms for dialogue on mental health issues, how her public art installations became bright, brash and colourful, and how ice cream, a skip and dancing have all contributed to her aim of breaking the taboo around grief.

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Considering Art Podcast – Jana Nicole, collage artist

In this episode, UK-based American artist Jana Nicole talks about her roots in the Hollywood film industry, how she studied art in the UK and took to collage after moving permanently, her winning of the prestigious Puvis de Chavannes Award by the Salon des Beaux Arts in Paris, her fascination with flora and fauna especially fungi, and her collage portraits of figures in the music business.

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Considering Art Podcast – Eugene Palmer, painter

One of Britain’s leading black artists, Eugene Palmer, talks about his childhood in Jamaica, how a school teacher inspired him to become an artist, how he evolved from abstract to figuration, the influence of black history and politics on his work, his innovative series of placing black figures in rural landscapes and his recent works of repeated images and portraits of family members that pose questions about race and identity.

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Considering Art Podcast – David Koppel, photographer

In this episode, Dave Koppel relates some of the extraordinary capers he got up to while working as a paparazzo in the London of the 1980s and ’90s taking photos of the likes of Bowie, Brando, Jagger, Dylan, Cruise, Prince et al. He explains how he then bought a gallery and began photographing landscapes and portraits of ordinary people for his book Still Waters. Recently, he has been re-versioning some of his old work into what he calls Pap Art, and collaborating with other artists too.

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Considering Art Podcast – Moyosore Martins, painter and multi-media artist

In this episode, the Nigerian abstract expressionist talks about his unusual family background, his peripatetic education, how he came to New York to stay out of trouble, the Yoruba influences in his work both cultural and philosophical, how art has become like a religion to him and how he has reacted to current issues such as Black Lives Matter.

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Considering Art Podcast – Vincent Devine, painter

In this episode, Irish painter Vincent Devine talks about his unusual portraits in which he depicts both the visible and the invisible, how his works are loaded with symbolism and how his depictions of such as John Hume, Vincent van Gogh, Artemisia Gentileschi, Sir Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II interpret personal aspects from a global perspective and following detailed research.

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Considering Art Podcast – Hana Shahnavaz, painter

In this episode, London-based British-Iranian artist Hana Shahnavaz talks about her bi-cultural upbringing, how she makes her own paint from raw materials some of which she forages, the importance of reconnecting with nature, the influence of Persian miniatures on her work, her experience of violent protest in Iran and her contribution to The Old Man US TV series.

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Considering Art Podcast – Pritika Chowdhry, installation artist and sculptor

In this episode, US-based Indian artist Pritika Chowdhry talks about her Partition Anti-Memorial Project which challenges, through art, official accounts of Partition in India and the way they have played down the plight of marginalised groups particularly women. She talks about the way she visualises how rape was used as a weapon in Partition and subsequent riots, and how she takes casts of memorials in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, and showing them together in a spirit of healing.

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