Considering Art Podcast – Adrian Fisk, photojournalist

In this episode, Adrian Fisk talks about how a cyclone in Bangladesh changed his life, how he spent eight years photographing in India, and about his new book and exhibition entitled Until the Last Oak Falls in which he documents the extraordinary campaigns of British environmental protesters in the 1990s, most notably against the Newbury by-pass and the city-based Reclaim the Streets, looking at the issues, the tactics, the conditions and the after-effects.

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Considering Art Podcast – Serge Attukwei Clottey, conceptual artist

Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey talks about the plastic jerry cans he turns into tapestries and installations for which he coined the term Afrogallonism, how found articles such as these are central to his sustainable arts practice, how he reflects the culture and identity of his homeland, how he has involved the local community in his art, how he learnt to add performance to his work, the artistic importance of water in both local and global terms, and about his latest sculpture called Tribe and Tribulation which has become a permanent feature of London’s sculptural trail, The Line.

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Considering Art Podcast – Jeffery Becton, photographer

In this episode, Jeffery Becton talks about his fascination with the ocean both in reality and symbolically, how he spurned the personal advice of Robert Motherwell, how his digital montage technique using Adobe Photoshop leads to photographs of altered realities creating an unsettling sense of emptiness, and ambiguity, and how rising sea levels pose a threat to our planet.

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Huaicun’s World, Blossom – Mall Galleries

Huaicun Zhang has many strings to her artistic bow. Not only is she a prize-winning painter and an honorary member of the Royal Society of British artists, she also writes children’s books, plays and poems, and illustrates them to boot. You can see some of these illustrations together with 58 traditional Chinese ink paintings and 23 works in oil, in her solo exhibition at London’s Mall Galleries.

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Considering Art Podcast – Giles Walker, kinetic sculptor

In this episode, Giles talks about how he nearly brought down the Berlin Wall with the Mutoid Waste Company, why he first began using moving parts in his sculptures, how he developed a political edge in his works, how his installation The Last Supper posed questions about religious education and how the installation Monster depicted what he has called a national nervous breakdown.

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Considering Art Podcast – Victoria Cantons, painter and photographer

In this episode, Victoria Cantons takes us through her troubled transgender history from childhood to her transitioning at the age of 39. She tells how photography became her first artistic expression before she opted for painting and fulfilled her long-held wish to go to art school. She also talks about learning technique from both contemporary artists as well as old masters and how her recent self-portraits express themes of power, identity and gender politics.

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Considering Art Podcast – Michael F Rumsby, painter

In this episode, Michael talks about the importance of nature in his childhood, his love of landscapes and the process by which he paints them, his love of water and skies, how he has always travelled for inspiration, how he was living a life that was “inauthentic” and how his latest exhibition, Respair, reflects emotional responses within him released by the pandemic.

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Considering Art Podcast – David Williams-Ellis, sculptor

In this episode, David Williams-Ellis talks about the primary influence of his art teacher at Stowe School, his experience of studying in Italy, how a chance sight of a sculpted female figure in Pietrasanta had a lasting influence on his work, his ability to create a sense of movement and poise in his sculptures, his commissions for memorials in Aberdeen and Normandy, and his continuing love for making art.

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Considering Art Podcast – Francisca Sosa López, Venezuelan mixed media artist

In this episode, Francisca talks about how publicising the plight of her country, which has seen six million of its inhabitants leaving this beleaguered state, has become the main focus of her artistic practice. She talks about her childhood, leaving for the United States and then the UK for her art education, her Million Bag Project, her public letters about her relationship with Venezuela, and how she expresses her feelings in her paintings and installations.

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