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Considering Art is a platform designed to showcase a few of the best commercial and public art exhibitions taking place in London and the UK. Art comes in all shapes and sizes in galleries vast and tiny. Yet so many exhibitions receive little if any publicity. This independent blog will try, in its small way, to feature art reviews of such shows. Contemporary art can often be challenging and, where possible, I try to interview the artists to discover what thought processes lie behind their work and the influences and issues that might inspire it. In so doing, it can make the experience of going to an exhibition hopefully that much more enjoyable. When the Covid pandemic struck and galleries closed, I began a series of podcasts comprising interviews with artists about their life and work. These enable me to draw upon my background as a broadcast journalist.

Please contact me if you have an exhibition you would like me to consider reviewing or an artist you might like me to interview.

Bob Chaundy.

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