Considering Art Podcast – Jo Holdsworth, painter

In this episode, British painter Jo Holdsworth tells how she developed her style of elongated, anonymous figures with long shadows, how she became a professional artist after a corporate career, how she achieves a psychological depth to her work and how commissions stretch her.

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Considering Art Podcast – Marcus Jansen, American expressionist painter

In this episode, Marcus Jansen talks about his unusual upbringing in both New York and Mönchengladbach, the influence of street artists and German Expressionists on his work, how he joined the US Army in 1989 and took part in the first Gulf War, how art saved him when he developed PTSD and how the war changed his both his political viewpoint as well as his art.

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Considering Art Podcast – Robert Fitzmaurice, British painter

In this podcast, Robert Fitzmaurice talks about the art that excited him even as a young boy, how his father’s POW experience in World War II sowed the seed for his interest in family dynamics, how his practice was influenced by the Constructivist painter Adrian Heath, how themes of masculinity and militarism developed, and how lattices, grids and repeated motifs with expressive use of colour became his signature style and is informed by art from various cultures..

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Considering Art Podcast – Aoife van Linden Tol, explosive artist

In this podcast, Aoife van Linden Tol tells why she chose art initially over science, how her interest in explosives began, about some of her explosive artworks, how she became fascinated by cosmology, how her artist residency at the European Space Agency was “life changing”, and how her resultant ESA project Star Storm unfolded.

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Considering Art Podcast – Hughie O’Donoghue RA, painter

In this episode, Hughie O’Donoghue talks about how his father’s wartime experiences became a subject of his paintings, his rejection of conceptual art, how he was inspired by the landscape of County Mayo in Ireland, how a beached ship became a recurring motif in his work, how his paintings are multi-layered both physically and psychologically, how urban landscapes appear in his current exhibition for the first time and how the complexity of history informs his forthcoming show marking the centenary of the birth of the Irish state.

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Considering Art Podcast – Peter Layton, glassblower

In this podcast, octogenarian master glass artist Peter Layton talks about the excitement he still feels for working with glass, how he turned to the medium from ceramics, how he set up his London Glassblowing Company to keep alive the ancient tradition of glassblowing as an art form, emulating artists such as van Gogh and Klimt for some of his commissions, and the variety and versatility of the medium.

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Considering Art Podcast – Steve Gschmeissner, scientific photographer

In this episode, photographer and microscopist Steve Gschmeissner talks about his scientific background, how he uses a scanning electron microscope to photograph subjects not visible to the naked eye, how he creates beautiful pictures through skilful colouring and how he has been embraced by the art world for album covers, exhibitions, fashion and for the work of other artists.

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Considering Art Podcast – Alan Gignoux, photographer

In this podcast, documentary photographer Alan Gignoux talks about his Huguenot ancestry, how he was hooked by photography, his work with refugees in the Middle East, how he became interested in environmental issues, and his Bruised Lands project that looks at four examples of relentless harvesting of natural assets around the world and the serious toll they have taken on both the local environment and its people.

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