Considering Art Podcast – Philipp Humm, business mogul turned artist

Sculptor, painter and photographer Philipp Humm tells how he became a business man having failed to get into art school, how he kept up his art during a glittering career in the high tech industry until the urge to become a full-time artist overcame him, and how he has updated and condensed Goethe’s Faust to address modern issues, in particular the concern that our seemingly insatiable desire for technological innovation, most notably in Artificial Intelligence (AI), threatens the very survival of the human race.

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Considering Art Podcast – Walking The Line with Megan Piper and Sophie Dutton

This summer, works by four notable artists have been added to The Line, London’s first public art walk founded six years ago by Megan Piper and Clive Dutton. Sculptures by Virginia Overton, Eva Rothschild, Tracey Emin and Madge Gill have been added to the northern section alongside the River Lea. The last is a little-known but important local artist with a classic story of triumph over adversity. Her work has been curated for this outdoor exhibition by Sophie Dutton, Clive’s daughter. In this podcast, Sophie and Megan (l to r above, by the bridge with Madge Gill design) guide me along this last mile-long section where we take in nature and history as well as art. 

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Considering Art Podcast – Raksha Patel, painter and filmmaker

In this latest podcast, Raksha Patel talks about her upbringing in Leicester, how her art turned full circle from focusing on race and identity through surrealism, fantasy and dystopia and back again. Raksha also talks about her art education career, and the need for British artists of South Asian heritage to gain more recognition and representation.

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Considering Art Podcast – Emma Coop, landscape artist

In my latest podcast episode, Emma Coop tells how flux in her personal life turned her from a conceptual artist into one focusing on landscape. She explains why she favours using chunky graphite sticks as her main medium, how she has an affinity with nature despite being a city dweller, and how she tries to recapture the emotion of an idea in her works while relishing ambiguity.

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Considering Art Podcast – Sarah Hardie, performance artist and filmmaker

In my latest podcast episode, Scots-Italian artist Sarah Hardie talks about how singing filled the family home, how she toyed with the idea of being a portrait painter, how she literally found her voice in her work, how psychoanalytical theories influence her, and about her current prize-winning work Spring Sometimes Rises in Me.

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Considering Art Podcast – My Dog Sighs, street artist

In my latest podcast, Paul Stone, aka My Dog Sighs, tells the extraordinary story of how a chance encounter with a stencilled rat unlocked a creative urge to make street art, how giving away art made from found items mushroomed into a worldwide phenomenon he named Free Art Friday, how this bolstered his reputation leading to exhibitions and commissions, and about his latest immersive installation in a four-storey derelict building in his hometown of Portsmouth.

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