Considering Art Podcast – Nicola Hicks, sculptor

In this podcast, eminent UK sculptor and drawer Nicola Hicks talks about the privilege of having both parents as artists, her difficulties fitting in at school, the problems of early success, her raw sculpting style, the darkness of her subject matter, and how working on her latest exhibition, Dump Circus, helped her through the anxiety she felt during lockdown.

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Considering Art Podcast – Philipp Humm, business mogul turned artist

Sculptor, painter and photographer Philipp Humm tells how he became a business man having failed to get into art school, how he kept up his art during a glittering career in the high tech industry until the urge to become a full-time artist overcame him, and how he has updated and condensed Goethe’s Faust to address modern issues, in particular the concern that our seemingly insatiable desire for technological innovation, most notably in Artificial Intelligence (AI), threatens the very survival of the human race.

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Considering Art Podcast – Walking The Line with Megan Piper and Sophie Dutton

This summer, works by four notable artists have been added to The Line, London’s first public art walk founded six years ago by Megan Piper and Clive Dutton. Sculptures by Virginia Overton, Eva Rothschild, Tracey Emin and Madge Gill have been added to the northern section alongside the River Lea. The last is a little-known but important local artist with a classic story of triumph over adversity. Her work has been curated for this outdoor exhibition by Sophie Dutton, Clive’s daughter. In this podcast, Sophie and Megan (l to r above, by the bridge with Madge Gill design) guide me along this last mile-long section where we take in nature and history as well as art. 

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Considering Art Podcast – Hatty Buchanan, sculptor

In my latest podcast episode, London-born artist Hatty Buchanan tells how some of her conceptual sculptures are drawn from her experiences as a teenager in Soho where she came across all manner of exotic people active in the sub-culture of the club, music and fashion scene. She also talks about her work in theatre production management, the influence of her MA in Design Imagination on her subsequent work, and how she distills concepts such as the dynamics of power relationships and even self-portraits into her pieces.

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Considering Art Podcast – Henry Jabbour, painter and sculptor

In our latest podcast, UK-based artist Henry Jabbour talks about having to leave his native Lebanon because of constant war and political instability, how he gave up a highly successful career as a medical scientist to follow his passion for art, how he expresses emotion in his paintings through body gesture and rich colour, and his recent love for sculpture.

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Considering Art Podcast – Abigail Fallis, sculptor with a social conscience

In our latest podcast episode, British sculptor Abigail Fallis talks about her training as a blacksmith and silversmith, her Cock-Eyed Jack men’s underpants work that first gave her public recognition, her DNA DL90 sculpture consisting of 22 shopping trolleys constructed in the shape of the DNA double helix, and her various pieces that offer often humorous takes on serious issues such as consumerism and environmentalism.

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Considering Art Podcast – Jason deCaires Taylor, underwater sculptor

Jason deCaires Taylor is a British sculptor who has created numerous spectacular underwater sculpture parks and museums around the world. His first one off the Caribbean island of Grenada has been listed as one of the top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic. In our latest podcast, he talks about how his idea developed, how his concrete installations develop into artificial reefs that foster the growth of marine life, how he has married his artistry with marine conservation and diving skills and how his series of sculptures offer a commentary on our relationship with the environment.

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Considering Art Podcast – Nigel Hall RA, sculptor and draughtsman

In our latest podcast episode, one of the UK’s most eminent sculptors Nigel Hall talks about how art is in his blood, how he subverted sculptural tradition at art school, how places and landscapes such as the Mojave desert influence his art, his love of geometric shapes, void and shadow, and how memory and loss are recurrent themes in his work.

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Considering Art Podcast – Jamie Frost, sculptor and draughtsman

In our latest podcast, Yorkshire sculptor Jamie Frost talks about what persuaded him to become an artist, how he fell in love with wood as a sculptural medium, the sensitivity with which he draws and sculpts, how a serious illness brought a sense of vulnerability and his collaboration with live models to create poses and gestures that form the basis of his works..

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Considering Art Podcast – Judy Millar, abstract painter

In our latest podcast episode, New Zealand artist Judy Millar talks about the dynamic abstract action paintings that she makes in her studio at a remote location outside Auckland, her exhibit at the 2009 prestigious Venice Biennale, her dislike of the word “gestural” as a description of her style, her “out of body” experiences when viewing certain works and her “site-antagonistic” public sculptures.

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