Considering Art Podcast – Alexander James Hamilton, photographer and environmental activist

Alexander Hamilton talks about how his art interconnects with his passion for protecting the environment, how his activism began as a teenager, how water is a constant theme in his art, the importance of Vanitas to him, how he is a geek for the latest scientific research and how he has founded a facility in the Maldives for recycling plastic waste funded by his artworks.

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Considering Art Podcast – Lorne McKean and Tanya Russell, sculptors

This mother and daughter duo discuss their renowned animal sculptures and how they create character in their work. Lorne talks about how she was taught to sculpt as a child by a friend of Rodin and how she added figures to her horse sculptures via polo players. This led to four royal commissions. Tanya explains why she set up the Art Academy in London and talks about her work with animal charities. The pair also describe their latest bronze sculptures unveiled at Chelsea Creek.

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Considering Art Podcast – Beth Carter, sculptor

In the latest of my series of audio interviews with contemporary artists, sculptor Beth Carter talks about the symbolic significance of her bronze sculptures of animals and hybrid animals, how the minotaur became an obsessive subject of her work as she explores ideas of power, vulnerability, and grief, how the theme of duality in her sculptures references part of the human condition, and how one particular charcoal drawing became a way to help process a dark incident in her past.

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Considering Art Podcast – Pritika Chowdhry, installation artist and sculptor

In this episode, US-based Indian artist Pritika Chowdhry talks about her Partition Anti-Memorial Project which challenges, through art, official accounts of Partition in India and the way they have played down the plight of marginalised groups particularly women. She talks about the way she visualises how rape was used as a weapon in Partition and subsequent riots, and how she takes casts of memorials in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, and showing them together in a spirit of healing.

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Considering Art Podcast – Giles Walker, kinetic sculptor

In this episode, Giles talks about how he nearly brought down the Berlin Wall with the Mutoid Waste Company, why he first began using moving parts in his sculptures, how he developed a political edge in his works, how his installation The Last Supper posed questions about religious education and how the installation Monster depicted what he has called a national nervous breakdown.

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Considering Art Podcast – David Williams-Ellis, sculptor

In this episode, David Williams-Ellis talks about the primary influence of his art teacher at Stowe School, his experience of studying in Italy, how a chance sight of a sculpted female figure in Pietrasanta had a lasting influence on his work, his ability to create a sense of movement and poise in his sculptures, his commissions for memorials in Aberdeen and Normandy, and his continuing love for making art.

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Considering Art Podcast – Benjamin Hannavy Cousen, painter

In this episode, British artist Benjamin Hannavy Cousen talks about how he converts books into visual artworks by mapping each colour mentioned in them with layers of acrylic paint applied with a syringe. He talks about how he creates “an archaeology of memory” and how his English Literature, History of Art and Cultural Memory studies have informed his work.

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