Considering Art Podcast – Andy Holden, artist polymath

British artist Andy Holden is a sculptor, animator, film-maker, painter, curator, author and musician. In our latest podcast episode, he gives his thoughts on irony and sincerity, the nature of nostalgia, how stealing a rock from an Egyptian pyramid inspired an acclaimed artwork and how he sees the world as a kind of cartoon.

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Considering Art Podcast – Jasmine Pradissitto, artist and scientist

In our latest podcast episode, Dr Jasmine Pradissitto talks about how her training in Quantum Physics has helped her develop as a visual artist, how the discovery of a certain polymer has enabled her to make art and help the environment at the same time, and how artists can offer imagination to aid scientists in their efforts to secure the future for humanity.

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Sophie Morrish – Island Time: North Uist Works

For 10 years until 2017, Sophie Morrish was a familiar sight to many of the 1200 inhabitants of North Uist, the remote island in the Outer Hebrides and one of the most bio-diverse places in the UK. It’s a windy place where the calmness of the top image, Evening light from Kyles Beach, 2013, is an all-too rare occurrence for more than a few days at a time.

As a self-confessed obsessive, Morrish would walk the beaches of the 100 square mile island, observing, finding, photographing and collecting some of the remains of the fauna washed up on the shore. Continue reading “Sophie Morrish – Island Time: North Uist Works”

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