Considering Art Podcast – Lorne McKean and Tanya Russell, sculptors

This mother and daughter duo discuss their renowned animal sculptures and how they create character in their work. Lorne talks about how she was taught to sculpt as a child by a friend of Rodin and how she added figures to her horse sculptures via polo players. This led to four royal commissions. Tanya explains why she set up the Art Academy in London and talks about her work with animal charities. The pair also describe their latest bronze sculptures unveiled at Chelsea Creek.

Lorne McKean and Tanya Russell talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Humpback Whale

Dancer at Rest

The Duke of Edinburgh polo sculpture

Queen Elizabeth II head

Horsham Heritage Sundial

Space for Nature Spiral, with detail, situated at Chelsea Creek in London. Courtesy Richard Dawson, PA wire

You can see more of Lorne and Tanya’s work on Tanya’s website

The top photo is of Lorne McKean and Tanya Russell in front of Swooping House-Martins at Chelsea Creek, courtesy Richard Dawson, PA wire

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