Considering Art Podcast – Alexander James Hamilton, photographer and environmental activist

Alexander Hamilton talks about how his art interconnects with his passion for protecting the environment, how his activism began as a teenager, how water is a constant theme in his art, the importance of Vanitas to him, how he is a geek for the latest scientific research and how he has founded a facility in the Maldives for recycling plastic waste funded by his artworks.

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Considering Art Podcast – Lorne McKean and Tanya Russell, sculptors

This mother and daughter duo discuss their renowned animal sculptures and how they create character in their work. Lorne talks about how she was taught to sculpt as a child by a friend of Rodin and how she added figures to her horse sculptures via polo players. This led to four royal commissions. Tanya explains why she set up the Art Academy in London and talks about her work with animal charities. The pair also describe their latest bronze sculptures unveiled at Chelsea Creek.

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Considering Art Podcast – Maro Gorky, landscape painter

Maro Gorky, daughter of Abstract Expressionist Ashile Gorky, talks about how she was taught to paint as a child, the anger and guilt she felt over her father’s death, the influence of her tutors Jeffrey Camp and Frank Auerbach at the Slade, her move to Tuscany where she has lived a simple life for more than half a century and the way she interprets landscape with colours, shapes and symbols.

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Considering Art Podcast – Sharon Monagle, painter

In this episode, Australian artist Sharon Monagle talks about how her art counterbalances her demanding work as a GP, how her interest in mental health is reflected in her paintings along with other issues such as social justice, human rights and feminism, and how an upcoming exhibition will include works that question some of the values of Australian society.

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Considering Art Podcast – Linda Chapman, photographer

In this episode, photographer Linda Chapman talks about how she goes about capturing the way light plays upon urban windows to create the works for which she has become well known. She discusses the gender discrimination she faced in her early career, why she left a permanent job to freelance in the fashion, theatre and music industry, and how the advent of the digital era persuaded her to move into abstracted photography.

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Considering Art Podcast – Fred Ingrams, landscape artist

In this episode, Fred talks about his early career as an artist during the heyday of London’s Soho where he came across many of the famous characters of the time, the events that led him to becoming a landscape artist, how and why he became attracted to The Fens and, more recently, The Flow country in Scotland. He describes his artistic process, and talks about the politics of land and the precarious future that The Fens faces.

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Considering Art Podcast – Rosie Gibbens, sculptor, video and performance artist

In this episode, Rosie talks about how she looks for the absurdities of life and how her performances often deliberately misunderstand the way we communicate with each other. She explains why she sexualises everyday items, how she creates a mixture of the comic and the serious through performances such as The New Me, Soft Girls and Planned Obsolescence, and how she hopes her future projects will develop.

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