Considering Art Podcast – Pritika Chowdhry, installation artist and sculptor

In this episode, US-based Indian artist Pritika Chowdhry talks about her Partition Anti-Memorial Project which challenges, through art, official accounts of Partition in India and the way they have played down the plight of marginalised groups particularly women. She talks about the way she visualises how rape was used as a weapon in Partition and subsequent riots, and how she takes casts of memorials in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, and showing them together in a spirit of healing.

Pritika Chowdhry talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Queering Mother India
What the Body Remembers
Broken Column
Pritika Chowdhry taking a cast from the Jalladkhana Killingfield Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the scene of genocide by the Pakistan army in 1971.
Archive of 1919 featuring a well and spittoons

All images are ©Pritika Chowdhry and used with permission.

The Partition Anti-Memorial Project is currently showing as part of the Unbearable Memories, Unspeakable Histories exhibition at the South Asia Institute in Chicago until 10 December 2022.

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