Considering Art Podcast – Ken Currie, painter

In this episode, Scottish painter Ken Currie talks about how his tough background shaped his view that violence is part of the human condition, he tells the stories behind early works such as Glasgow Triptych and Scottish Mercenaries, about the nightmarish Krankenhaus, the rituals behind Bird People, the terror of his Down in the Woods Triptych, the ambiguity within his new series Black Boat, his occasional portraits, and he lists some of the paintings that continue to haunt him.

Ken Currie talking with Bob Chaundy
Part of Glasgow Triptych, 1986
Scottish Mercenaries, 1987
Krankenhaus, 2017
From Down in the Woods triptych, 2018
The Unknown Man, 2021
Three Oncologists, 2002
Black Boat triptych, 2022
Burnt Gorse, 2022

All images are © Ken Currie and courtesy Flowers Gallery

Ken Currie’s latest exhibition, Black Boat, is showing at Flowers Gallery East until 5 November 2022

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