Considering Art Podcast – Tony Bevan, painter

In our latest podcast episode, painter and Royal Academician Tony Bevan talks about his earliest experiences of art, his influences at art school, his reactions to the politics of the day, his linear style for the depiction of aspects of the human body such as heads, and his very personal process of painting.

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Considering Art Podcast – Paul de Monchaux, sculptor and Tess Jaray, painter

In our latest podcast episode, these two distinguished octogenarians talk about the common ground they’ve shared throughout their careers – their time studying together at the Slade School of Fine Art, the influence of architecture on their work, their love of Italy, public commissions, their artistic challenges, their experience of teaching and their email correspondences over many years highlighted in their shared exhibition at London’s Frestonian Gallery.

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Considering Art Podcast – Nancy Cadogan, figurative painter

In our latest podcast episode, British/American painter Nancy Cadogan tells how art has been her destiny from an early age, how she began painting landscapes in Africa, the US and Europe, how she turned from the observational to painting from the imagination and how her experience of lockdown influenced her latest exhibition based on the final days of the romantic poet John Keats.

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Considering Art Podcast – Fanny Rush, portrait painter

For two decades, Fanny Rush has been painting the portraits of high profile figures from the world of entertainment, business, politics and elsewhere. In our latest podcast episode, she tells why she gave up a successful career in the fashion and commercial film industries for painting, how she fell in love with portraiture, who influences her and how she goes about her work.

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