Considering Art Podcast – Andrea Tyrimos, painter

In this latest episode, prize-winning British painter Andrea Tyrimos talks about how art has been a way for channelling stress, how she began her career mixing street art with fine art, how public art has always been close to her heart, and how in solo exhibitions such as Bipolar Picasso and Resilient, she came to combine large-scale portraits with immersive audio recordings that focus on mental health.

Andrea Tyrimos talking with Bob Chaundy
Pillars of Pride

Accompanying images on

Living Box
You take a little bit of that wall away (Alastair Campbell) with audio recording
My Heart Beating (Puneeta) with audio recording
Catherine, from the homeless project
Portrait of NHS doctor, Sophie, lit up on London’s Oxford Street as part of the W1 Creates #MakeItBlue campaign.

All images are © Andrea Tyrimos

You can see more of Andrea’s works on her website

Andrea’s current exhibition, Resilient, is showing at ING, 8-10 Moorgate, London EC2R 6DA until 31 March 2022

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