Considering Art Podcast – Mandy Payne, painter of Brutalist architecture

In this episode, British artist Mandy Payne talks about how she gave up dentistry for art, how she is attracted to Brutalist architecture in particular the Grade II listed Park Hill estate in Sheffield, why she paints on concrete and what advice she’d give to others thinking of changing career to become an artist.

Mandy Payne talking with Bob Chaundy
New Dawn Fades, spray paint and oil on concrete
Out of Time, spray paint and oil on glass-fibre reinforced concrete
Stairwell and Vortex, spray paint and oil on concrete
Beauty in the Banal, Liquid graphite, spray paint on wooden board
Brutal, aerosol spray paint and oil on concrete, prize-winner in John Moore’s Painting Prize 2014

Top image courtesy Isy+Leigh Anderson

All other images are ©Mandy Payne

Mandy is currently part of the exhibition Where We Live, showing at Millennium Gallery, Sheffield until 5th June 2022

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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