Considering Art Podcast – Robert Fitzmaurice, British painter

In this podcast, Robert Fitzmaurice talks about the art that excited him even as a young boy, how his father’s POW experience in World War II sowed the seed for his interest in family dynamics, how his practice was influenced by the Constructivist painter Adrian Heath, how themes of masculinity and militarism developed, and how lattices, grids and repeated motifs with expressive use of colour became his signature style and is informed by art from various cultures..

Robert Fitzmaurice talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

96 Bad Boys, 960 Hiroshimas, 2019
More Than Ever, 2020
The Ages Stare, 2021
The Presence, 2021

All images are ©Robert Fitzmaurice

You can see more of Robert’s work on his website

Robert’s current exhibition Relations, Stories, Magic is showing at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery until 22 January 2022

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