Considering Art Podcast – Anthony Daley, painter

In this episode, Anthony Daley talks about how he reacted to racism at school after arriving from Jamaica as a young boy, his attitude towards black arts movements, his dislike of strict artistic definitions, his relationship with colour, how Old Master painters influence his process, and his approach to teaching painting.

Anthony Daley talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Fricted, from the early De-Fine series
Bigger Than from the Emerging from Within series
Herefrom from Homegrown Collection
Delate 1 from the Solitude Collection

All images are ©Anthony Daley

You can see more of Anthony’s works on his website

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2 thoughts on “Considering Art Podcast – Anthony Daley, painter

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  1. He made a lot of sense to me whilst I painted in my studio despite an unsettling moment when he said about green paintings not selling ( I was working on a predominantly green painting!) I was very interested in his view of not putting ways of painting in a box and his views on “beauty “. I also agree that foundation is a wonderful introduction to “art, my father was Head of foundation at Bournemouth for many years and said there were always students who thought they were little geniuses and you had to teach them too!!
    I know what it’s like to be alone with your own thoughts in a studio and then suddenly talk. You are absolutely brilliant Bob at helping artists like us speak!


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