Considering Art Podcast – Eleanor Johnson, painter

In our latest podcast episode, British painter Eleanor Johnson talks about how winning the Young Artist Award from the Society for Women Artists was a significant moment in her career. She also tells how she practises witchcraft, has a vivid dream life, has a love of the Baroque, champions the male nude and is influenced by Celtic mythology.

Eleanor Johnson talking with Bob Chaundy
Eleanor’s Young Artists Award-winning drawing, 2018
Forest Bathing from Modern Bathers series, 2019
Offer a Hand, Offer a Smile, 2020
Wool Over Eyes, 2021 from Heart of the Matter at Gillian Jason Gallery, online until 15 April 2021
Brigid and Duir, 2021 from Heart of the Matter at Gillian Jason Gallery, London

You can see more of Eleanor Johnson’s work on

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