Considering Art Podcast – Jason deCaires Taylor, underwater sculptor

Jason deCaires Taylor is a British sculptor who has created numerous spectacular underwater sculpture parks and museums around the world. His first one off the Caribbean island of Grenada has been listed as one of the top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic. In our latest podcast, he talks about how his idea developed, how his concrete installations develop into artificial reefs that foster the growth of marine life, how he has married his artistry with marine conservation and diving skills and how his series of sculptures offer a commentary on our relationship with the environment.

Jason deCaires Taylor talking with Bob Chaundy
Lost Correspondent, 2006 Grenada
Ocean Atlas, 2014, Bahamas
The Raft of Lampedusa, 2016, Lanzarote
Crossing the Rubicon, 2016 Lanzarote
From the latest underwater sculpture park in Cannes, France.

All images are ©Jason deCaires Taylor

You can see many more examples of his work on

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