Considering Art Podcast – Abigail Fallis, sculptor with a social conscience

In our latest podcast episode, British sculptor Abigail Fallis talks about her training as a blacksmith and silversmith, her Cock-Eyed Jack men’s underpants work that first gave her public recognition, her DNA DL90 sculpture consisting of 22 shopping trolleys constructed in the shape of the DNA double helix, and her various pieces that offer often humorous takes on serious issues such as consumerism and environmentalism.

Abigail Fallis talking with Bob Chaundy

Urinal, in stainless steel and red neon
McJudas from The Fast Supper
DNA DL90 here situated at the Cass Foundation, East Sussex in 2006
Abigail Fallis with Dodo, expressing her concern for the increasing extinction of species
Banana Splits (curated by MC Llamas) showing at Female Rooms, Fulham Town Hall 20 May-6 June 2021

All images are ©Abigail Fallis

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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