Considering Art Podcast – Liza Giles, abstract painter

In this episode, Liza Giles talks about her previous career as an art director and interior designer, how she always painted concurrently, how her use of colour transferred to her fine art practice, how the artist Sean Scully helped raise her profile, the influence of the urban skyline and architecture on her work, how she experiments with collage in preparation of her large-scale paintings and how she balances hard lines and edges with intuitive painterly mark making.

Black Quadiptych (Composition IV)

Neutral and Orange maquette

Raw Sienna (Comp 3-22)

Green with Pink Flash

Blue Triptych

Grass Triptych (Composition 2)

All images © Liza Giles.

You can see more of Liza’s work on her website

Liza’s current exhibition The Shape of Things is at Flowers Gallery, London

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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