Considering Art Podcast – Beth Carter, sculptor

In the latest of my series of audio interviews with contemporary artists, sculptor Beth Carter talks about the symbolic significance of her bronze sculptures of animals and hybrid animals, how the minotaur became an obsessive subject of her work as she explores ideas of power, vulnerability, and grief, how the theme of duality in her sculptures references part of the human condition, and how one particular charcoal drawing became a way to help process a dark incident in her past.

Beth Carter talking with Bob Chaundy

Fallen Minotaur

Giant Minotaur Reading and Minotaur with Moth

Hollow King

Monkey and Hare, Fox and Pheasant, Wolf with Deer

The Long Way Home

Fighting Clowns III


All images are © Beth Carter

Watch Beth drawing Minotaur and Bird in a time-lapse recording here

You can see more of Beth’s work on her website

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