Considering Art Podcast – Giles Walker, kinetic sculptor

In this episode, Giles talks about how he nearly brought down the Berlin Wall with the Mutoid Waste Company, why he first began using moving parts in his sculptures, how he developed a political edge in his works, how his installation The Last Supper posed questions about religious education and how the installation Monster depicted what he has called a national nervous breakdown.

Giles Walker talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

The Berlin Wall Ramming Machine was converted into this sculpture and pushed to the wall on these tracks. In the background is the first sculpture Giles Walker ever built.
Peep Show, 2008

Artist Giles Walker’s Last Supper Sculpture. Photographed in the Science Museum’s Virgin Media Studio, part of the Science Museum Media Space.

Scenes from Monster

You can see a film of Monster here

Commonwealth, a collage from Giles Walker now in the British Museum’s collection

All images are © Giles Walker

You can see more of Giles’s work on his website

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