Considering Art Podcast – Victoria Cantons, painter and photographer

In this episode, Victoria Cantons takes us through her troubled transgender history from childhood to her transitioning at the age of 39. She tells how photography became her first artistic expression before she opted for painting and fulfilled her long-held wish to go to art school. She also talks about learning technique from both contemporary artists as well as old masters and how her recent self-portraits express themes of power, identity and gender politics.

Victoria Cantons talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

What is Thought and What is Unsaid
A New Landmark

Three self-portraits – Transgender Woman Nos. 7, 8 and 9

I Have Always Believed Unicorns are Real and If you could Choose only One Thing: concept Victoria Cantons and Xu Yang, photography Victoria Cantons

A moment or Present, past and future
Bill Poster: We Are The Same

You can see more of Victoria Canton’s work on her website

Her exhibition People Trust People who Look Like Them is showing at Flowers Gallery East, London until 2 July 2022

Top photo: Xu Yang

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