Considering Art Podcast – Victoria Crowe, painter

In this episode, British painter Victoria Crowe talks about how her paintings reflect both her external and inner life, how she was attracted to the landscape of the Pentland Hills in Scotland that she made her home, the influence of Russian icons, how she responded artistically to the death of her son, the inspiration of Venice, her portrait work and her collaborations with poets, musicians and tapestry weavers.

Victoria Crowe talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Sheep, Shepherdess and Harbour Craig
Large Tree Group
Reflected Drama San Giorgio
Fire and Ice
Journey Through Twilight
Shining of a Late Sun

All images are ©Victoria Crowe

Top image courtesy of Kenneth Gray

You can see more of Victoria Crowe’s work on her website

Her exhibition Resonance of Time is showing at Flowers Gallery until 21 May 2022

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