Considering Art Podcast – Walking The Line with Megan Piper and Sophie Dutton

This summer, works by four notable artists have been added to The Line, London’s first public art walk founded six years ago by Megan Piper and Clive Dutton. Sculptures by Virginia Overton, Eva Rothschild, Tracey Emin and Madge Gill have been added to the northern section alongside the River Lea. The last is a little-known but important local artist with a classic story of triumph over adversity. Her work has been curated for this outdoor exhibition by Sophie Dutton, Clive’s daughter. In this podcast, Sophie and Megan (l to r above, by the bridge with Madge Gill design) guide me along this last mile-long section where we take in nature and history as well as art. 

Megan Piper and Sophie Dutton talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

DNA DL90 by Abigail Fallis. Photo by Vassilis Skopelitis
Living Spring by Eva Rothschild. Photo by Megan Piper
Untitled by Virginia Overton. Photo by Angus Mill
Portrait by Madge Gill placed in the House Mill. Photo by Angus Mill
Madge Gill works in the underpass, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Photo by Angus Mill

You can find out more about The Line on its website here

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