Considering Art Podcast – Nigel Hall RA, sculptor and draughtsman

In our latest podcast episode, one of the UK’s most eminent sculptors Nigel Hall talks about how art is in his blood, how he subverted sculptural tradition at art school, how places and landscapes such as the Mojave desert influence his art, his love of geometric shapes, void and shadow, and how memory and loss are recurrent themes in his work.

Nigel Hall RA talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Magnet, 1966
Soda Lake, the work inspired from his trip to the Mojave Desert
Wooden sculptures from the series Here and Now, There and Then
One Plus One Equals One, a tribute to Nigel Hall’s late wife.
Tangled Up in Blue, 2020

All images are ©Nigel Hall RA. His exhibition Tangled Up in Blue is showing at Annely Juda Fine Art until 30 April

You can see more of Nigel Hall’s work at

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