Considering Art Podcast – Carol McNicoll, maverick ceramicist

In our latest podcast episode, ceramicist Carol McNicoll talks about her early beginnings making textiles for repertory theatre, how she was able to subvert the traditional idea of ceramics while at the Royal Academy of Art, how decoration, functionality and playfulness are essential features of her work, and how the 2003 Iraq War led to a more political and satirical aspect to her oeuvre.

Carol McNicoll talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

This cockerel-feathered boa made by Carol McNicoll for Brian Eno of Roxy Music is in the collection of the V & A
Axis Pottery Jug, 1999

Jugs, 2011
Expeditionary Coffee Set, 2011
England 1943, teapot from the 1980s
Travellers Tales, 2019
Freedom and Democracy, 2011 Photo: James Fordham

All images are courtesy Carol McNicoll.

Carol is currently part of the exhibition Pioneering Women showing online at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery until 27 March 2021

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