Considering Art Podcast – Carol McNicoll, maverick ceramicist

In our latest podcast episode, ceramicist Carol McNicoll talks about her early beginnings making textiles for repertory theatre, how she was able to subvert the traditional idea of ceramics while at the Royal Academy of Art, how decoration, functionality and playfulness are essential features of her work, and how the 2003 Iraq War led to a more political and satirical aspect to her oeuvre.

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James Oughtibridge – Ebb and Flow

Like so much good art, ceramicist James Oughtibridge’s work only begins with a vague idea of what he wants to end up with. His sculptures grow and evolve from slabs of clay to round, curvaceous forms in which perspectives change and deceive around undulations, peaks and troughs defined by sometimes smooth, sometimes sharp edges. There are openings like blowholes, spheres resembling bubbles with a certain lightness enhanced by the interplay of light and shadow that contradicts the weight of the medium.  Continue reading “James Oughtibridge – Ebb and Flow”

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