Considering Art Podcast – Fred Ingrams, landscape artist

In this episode, Fred talks about his early career as an artist during the heyday of London’s Soho where he came across many of the famous characters of the time, the events that led him to becoming a landscape artist, how and why he became attracted to The Fens and, more recently, The Flow country in Scotland. He describes his artistic process, and talks about the politics of land and the precarious future that The Fens faces.

Fred Ingrams talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Middle Level, The Fens

Harvest Dusk, The Fens

Fishing Hut, The Fens

Skinandi, Flow Country

Wet Westerdale, Flow Country

Braemore, Flow Country

You can see more of Fred’s work on his website

All images are © Fred Ingrams

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  1. Here s a chap I,m not familiar with at all. Pretty well connected too. Will look out for his work on a gallery trip .


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