Considering Art Podcast – David Koppel, photographer

In this episode, Dave Koppel relates some of the extraordinary capers he got up to while working as a paparazzo in the London of the 1980s and ’90s taking photos of the likes of Bowie, Brando, Jagger, Dylan, Cruise, Prince et al. He explains how he then bought a gallery and began photographing landscapes and portraits of ordinary people for his book Still Waters. Recently, he has been re-versioning some of his old work into what he calls Pap Art, and collaborating with other artists too.

David Koppel talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Stare, Princess Diana at Wembley Stadium

Marlon Brando

Joanna Lumley from Absolutely Fabulous, NYC

Mundesley, Norfolk

The Clown


Smoke, The Beatles and George Martin at Abbey Road Studios, 1967

Prince – Light Leak

You can see more of Dave Koppel’s work on his website

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

4 thoughts on “Considering Art Podcast – David Koppel, photographer

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to David Koppel; he is so eloquent. The life of a paparazzi photographer was relayed in such a fun way.

    The idea of taking a past photograph and embellishing it to create pap art is very creative.

    Excellent podcast.


  2. One of the best podcasts I have heard for a long time. Your subject was extremely entertaining and eloquent
    Pap Art brought me here…it’s definitely the future.
    Take a bow yourself Bob…I think your style and interview technique is brilliant.



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