Considering Art Podcast – Jeffery Becton, photographer

In this episode, Jeffery Becton talks about his fascination with the ocean both in reality and symbolically, how he spurned the personal advice of Robert Motherwell, how his digital montage technique using Adobe Photoshop leads to photographs of altered realities creating an unsettling sense of emptiness, and ambiguity, and how rising sea levels pose a threat to our planet.

Jeffery Becton talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Off Spirit Ledge, 2017
Blue Calm, 2014
The Pilot House, 2014
Waking Up, 2021
Soft Chine, 2014
Middle Passage, 2021

All images are ©Jeffery Becton

The top shot shows Jeffery Becton in front of his photograph The Approaches

The exhibition Between Two Worlds with Andrea Hamilton is showing at AH Studio 68 Kinnerton Street, London SW1X 8ER until 31 August 2022

You can see more of Jeffery’s work on his website

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