Considering Art Podcast – Peter Layton, glassblower

In this podcast, octogenarian master glass artist Peter Layton talks about the excitement he still feels for working with glass, how he turned to the medium from ceramics, how he set up his London Glassblowing Company to keep alive the ancient tradition of glassblowing as an art form, emulating artists such as van Gogh and Klimt for some of his commissions, and the variety and versatility of the medium.

Peter Layton talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

London Glassblowing Company gallery including Peter Layton’s poppies on the back wall. Photo: Alick Cotterill
Sunflower after van Gogh. Photo: Ester Segarra
Blue Wedge. Photo: Alick Cotterill

You can see more of Peter Layton images on the London Glassblowing website

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