Considering Art Podcast – Piers Secunda, painter/sculptor

In our latest podcast, British artist Piers Secunda explains why he developed a technique to paint in a way that dispenses with the canvas, how 9/11 changed his life, how he documents the systematic destruction of cultural artefacts, statues and buildings through his paintings, and his dramatic and emotional experiences on trips to China, Afghanistan and Iraq to collect moulds of art desecration.

Piers Secunda talking with Bob Chaundy
A Decade of Rejected Works Re-configured as a One Metre Cube, 2012

Drawing from 9/11 steel beam rust, 2021

Chinese Army (PLA) Bullet-Hole, 2009
Taliban Relief Painting, 2015
Piers taking moulds at Mosul Museum, 2018
Installation from Owning the Past: From Mesopotamia to Iraq, 2020-2021

You can see more of Piers Secunda’s work on his website here

Owning the Past exhibition runs at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford until 22 August 2021.

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