Considering Art Podcast – Hatty Buchanan, sculptor

In my latest podcast episode, London-born artist Hatty Buchanan tells how some of her conceptual sculptures are drawn from her experiences as a teenager in Soho where she came across all manner of exotic people active in the sub-culture of the club, music and fashion scene. She also talks about her work in theatre production management, the influence of her MA in Design Imagination on her subsequent work, and how she distills concepts such as the dynamics of power relationships and even self-portraits into her pieces.

Hatty Buchanan talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

From the 2020 series Soho Girls – Maureen, Sylvia, Madam O and Doreen.

From the 2020 series Frenemies 1, 2 and 3

From Hatty’s latest series Hanging by a Thread (working title)

You can see more of Hatty Buchanan’s artworks on her website here

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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