Considering Art Podcast – Pinkie Maclure, stained glass artist

In my latest podcast episode, Scottish artist Pinkie Maclure talks about how she got into stained glass accidentally, how her ambition to go to art school was thwarted, her career as a singer and performer, how heroin ruined the lives of many friends, and how the allegorical power and symbolism of medieval stained glass windows inspired her to communicate her ideas on contemporary issues through that medium.

Pinkie Maclure talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Self-Portrait Dreaming of Portavadie, 2019 now in the National Museum of Scotland
Pills for Ills, Ills for Pills, 2018
Beauty Tricks, 2018
Fish and Chips, 2020
Detail from Fish and Chips
I Miss My Mum, 2020
Detail from I Miss My Mum

All images are ©Pinkie Maclure

You can see more of Pinkie Maclure’s work here

Music clip: The Smell of Trouble by Pumajaw

Opening and closing music: Ibiza by MBB |

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