Considering Art Podcast – Luke Jerram, installation artist

In our latest podcast episode, Luke Jerram talks about the ideas behind some of his spectacular and highly popular installations, sculptures and live events that have been shown around the world. These include Park and Slide, originally installed as a playful work in his native Bristol, Play Me I’m Yours in which his team installed some 2,000 street pianos for people to play in public spaces and which grew out of another work called Sky Orchestra. His Glass Microbiology series, giant glass versions of viruses, has been recently augmented by Covid-19, and his most popular installation, a replica of the moon entitled Museum of the Moon, has been viewed by millions the world over.

Luke Jerram talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Cindy Lauper joining in with Play Me I’m Yours in New York
Sky Orchestra over London in 2012
Museum of the Moon, Latvia. Photo: Robert Sils
Gaia at the Natural History Museum, London

You can see more of Luke Jerram’s works on

The top shot of Luke Jerram at the 2021 Visual Art Centre is ©Mark Bickerdike

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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