Considering Art Podcast – Claire Luxton, multidisciplinary artist

In our latest podcast episode, British artist Claire Luxton talks about how her recent focus on photography grew from her grounding in painting and sculpture, how she uses self-portraiture as a means to express the strength and fragility of the individual that is mirrored in our environment, how her personal anxiety caught the zeitgeist of the current pandemic and how her work and accompanying poetry explores isolation, desire and uncertainty.

Claire Luxton talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

The Nameless Hero
Poster from the commission from Birmingham Royal Ballet

Metamorphosis, a projection on Marble Arch, courtesy MTArt Agency

Hope (Seeds of Doubt)

they sow the seeds of doubt

night and day

it enters our subconscious

intravenously fed

into our nervous system since birth

we plant it in each other

to boost our own growth

thinking that stealing our neighbours’


will land them in shade

but though doubt spreads its roots in


it will never be evergreen

the truth can fertilise hope and it blooms all year long

Images and poem are ©Claire Luxton

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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