Considering Art Podcast – Sam Gilbey, digital painter and illustrator

In our latest podcast, Sam Gilbey talks about how he echoed his hero David Hockney in moving from conventional fine art to digital painting. He talks about the advantages of digital, his successful work on popular culture artwork such as posters, book covers, podcast designs, fan art and film publicity, the way he composes his publicity art, his fine art parodies and the advice he’d give to young digital painters and designers.

Sam Gilbey talking with Bob Chaundy
Exclusive blu-ray steelbook wraparound cover art, commissioned by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios (via The Poster Posse) for the home release of Spider-Man: Far From Home,
‘Luncheon of the New Boating Party (after Renoir) inspired by the film Amelie
Hockney parody for the series Bojack Horseman
Napoleon Dynamite – pop culture exhibition
The Godfather (licensed by Paramount Pictures and produced in collaboration with Fanattik).
Another Sam Gilbey parody

All images are courtesy of Sam Gilbey

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