Considering Art Podcast – Saype, Land artist

In our latest podcast episode, young French artist Saype talks about his enormous grass frescoes, his care for nature, the philosophy behind his art, the practical difficulties of his process and his Beyond Walls project comprising interlocked hands that symbolise unity and universality.

Saype talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Beyond Crisis, Leysin, Switzerland, April 2020
Beyond Walls, Champs de Mars, Paris, June 2019
Un Grand Homme et L’Avenir, Luxembourg, 2017
Message from Future, Geneva, 2018
Beyond Walls, Istanbul, 2019. You can just see SAYPE lying between the thumb and middle finger.
Qu’est-ce qu’un grand homme?, Leysin, Switzerland 2020
Beyond Walls, Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, 2020, the world’s largest painting that stretches around the Basilica de la Paix.

All images are ┬ęSaype and used courtesy of MTArt Agency.

Music: Ibiza by MBB |

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