Considering Art Podcast – Alison Jackson, photographer. Seeing is Deceiving

In our latest podcast episode, British artist Alison Jackson talks about the use of lookalikes, why a mistrust of photography is at its root, the backlash she has received and the difficulties of making her humorous work.

Alison Jackson talking with Bob Chaundy

Accompanying images on

Diana, Dodi and Child
Trump with Miss Mexico
Trump with Ku Klux Klan
Queen on the Loo
Marilyn undressing for JFK
Kim in the Pool
The Queen at William Hill
The real Benedict Cumberbatch
The real Tom Hollander

You can see more of Alison Jackson’s images on her website

Join Alison Jackon on her riverside tour created for Kensington and Chelsea Art Weekend via the Go Jauntly app. Alternatively, step inside her world through KCAW’s initiative ‘Open Doors 360’ is an exciting run of 360 degree interviews with artists living or working in West London. Invited into their creative spaces, we can witness as they discuss their work and inspiration, gaining a rare glimpse into the reality of their lives and practices – and through the incredible 360 technology we can be fully immersed, as if in the room, standing right beside the artist and among their work.

All images are ©Alison Jackson. The top portrait of Alison Jackson is by Corrado Amitrano.

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