Considering Art Podcast – Rod McNicol, Australian portrait photographer

In the first of a series of podcasts, this one done just before the lockdown, Bob Chaundy interviews renowned Australian portrait photographer, Rod McNicol whose self-portrait is above.

Australian portrait photographer Rod McNicol talks to Bob Chaundy of Considering Art

The images below accompany the podcast and show Rod McNicol’s modus operandi of always using the same head and shoulders set-up with plain background and the subject looking straight at the camera. He explains why he works this way in the podcast.

This portrait of actor Jack Charles won the National Photographic Portrait Prize, 2012

The manner in which McNicol works is in series. Here are some of his A Portrait Revisited: 1986, 2006 in which he photographed the same sitters 20 years apart against the same wall of his studio, pairing them together to create a time series. It hints at time’s inevitable, fatal link to mortality no more so than in the case of Peter.


Meg, one of what McNicol calls his “feral Princesses”

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