Considering Art Podcast – WK Lyhne

In our latest podcast episode, British artist WK Lyhne talks about the symbolic significance of animals in her work, how sex and death is at the root of art, why she gave up a career as an architect and a new prize she has initiated for the lockdown.

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WK Lyhne – Three

In her new solo exhibition, Three, British artist WK Lyhne (a Danish surname pronounced Luna) presents three paintings, each of a nude figure captured at a moment of unguarded intimacy, lying in bed among rumpled sheets and blankets.

These oil paintings, done from life, mark a significant departure from the artist’s previous works. These would often comprise provocative images of slaughtered animals dripping blood or large-scale defiant figures in sexually charged explicit poses. They might not have appealed to the prudish or those with a weak stomach, but they took a hefty swipe at female objectification. 

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