Considering Art Podcast – Steve Gschmeissner, scientific photographer

In this episode, photographer and microscopist Steve Gschmeissner talks about his scientific background, how he uses a scanning electron microscope to photograph subjects not visible to the naked eye, how he creates beautiful pictures through skilful colouring and how he has been embraced by the art world for album covers, exhibitions, fashion and for the work of other artists.

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Considering Art Podcast – Gbolohan Ayoola, Nigerian painter and sculptor

In our latest podcast, Nigerian artist Gbolohan Ayoola talks about the art scene in his hometown of Lagos, the state of the art market for Nigerians and Africans in general, the deficiencies of an art college education, the influences that drive him as an artist, his “blue woman” series, how current issues such as police brutality and global migration have shaped his work and how his latest works dream of a future African renaissance.

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