Considering Art Podcast – Alice Browne, painter

In this episode, British artist Alice Browne talks about how art has always been her “happy place”, how it reflects a reality that is in constant flux, how thoughts, memories and individual identities all have a certain mystery that attracts her and informs her paintings, how we share a curious relationship to the natural world, the influence of DantĂ©’s Divine Comedy on her work and how she’s drawn to chaos.

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Alice Browne – Found

Alice Browne is a young artist who recently graduated with an MA in Fine Art from London’s Royal College of Art after which she has featured in group and solo shows in the UK and as far afield as Norway and the US.  Primarily an abstract painter, she creates in her works obscure, imaginative spaces that she dots with floating objects that play with perspective and often intrigue with potent symbolism.

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